Winter is here and there is no stopping it. We’re here to show you how winterize your vehicle in six easy steps. Keep reading to see our first three steps to winterizing your vehicle, and be sure to check back next week as we finish out our list.

6. Frozen Locks

When door locks and handles freeze, the obvious solution is to pour hot water on them. But what do you do when you aren’t near a source of hot water? Glycerin is perfect for de-icing stubborn handles and can be purchased at discount stores, auto part stores and even hardware stores. But what happens when your glycerin is stuck inside your frozen vehicle? We have the solution for that too. Fill a few small tubes with glycerin and leave one in your desk at work, somewhere in your house and anywhere else you spend large amounts of time. When you find your locks and handles frozen, simply grab your tube and you are good to go!

5. Snow Tires

No matter how bad the weather gets, you still have to get to work everyday. You rely on your car to get you safely there. Make sure your vehicle has the tools it needs to get you to your destination by equipping it with a sturdy set of snow tires. Snow tires will give you a serious advantage when driving in the most severe winter weather. If you change to snow tires, make sure you change all four tires. Mixing snow tires and summer tires to save money will cause serious (and expensive) problems with your vehicle. When winter weather melts away, be sure to switch back to regular tires, as they are more fuel-efficient.

5. Windshield Treatment

Between getting caught behind a car kicking up dirty snow slush and the film ice salt residue can leave behind, windshield wiper fluid is a must. Swap your current windshield wiper fluid out for a cold-weather solution, preferably with antifreeze. Tip: Be careful. Some solutions can be harsh and damage your paint. It is always best to ask a professional if a solution is safe first.

Be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of Winterizing Your Vehicle 101.
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