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It's the "holy grail" of driving. No other driving task is as indicative of quality driving than a good parallel parking job. If you can already parallel park like a champ, congrats. You've made it into the upper echelons of driving, and you have every right to call yourself an elite driver. The only thing higher is NASCAR.  

For the rest of us, learning to parallel park is within reach. A few cautious practice attempts is all it takes. Here's how:

Scout out your spot - Make sure there's enough room for your vehicle. Shoot for a spot 3-4 feet longer than your vehicle. Once you've picked your spot, pull ahead of it so you can back in.

Look in your rearview mirror - Obviously. This is crucial. Signal towards the space, and line up your vehicle so that you're ready to back into the space. This means starting beside the car in front of the spot you're heading to.

Back on in - Look behind you and turn your wheel hard to the right. This is the first part of the S-turn that you'll be making.

Let go of the brakes - Slowly back into the space. As you turn, watch the front of your vehicle so that your bumper doesn't hit the car in front of you. Pay attention to your back wheels. If your right rear wheel goes up on the curb, you've gone too far. Pull forward and adjust.

Turn to the left - Once you've gone back into the space, cut the wheel hard to the left. This will situate your vehicle into the space and straighten you out. Back up as far as you're able without hitting the vehicle behind you.

Pull forward and turn to the right - This will put you in the middle of the two cars, and make sure you're nice and snug against the car.

Look at that! You're a driving pro now!

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