5 Ways To Save Fuel

1. Cruise Control

There is some debate on whether using cruise control actually conserves gas or not, but research leans towards yes. Edmunds conducted a study and found they got up to 14% savings on gas with an average savings of 7% when using cruise control...
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How To Clean Your Cupholders

Let’s be honest, try as you might your cup holders are probably dirtier than a middle-school boy’s locker room. It’s okay to admit, we have all been there at one point or another. Luckily that life stops today. We have the solution to make your cup holders look like new.
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Meet The 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk | John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors

You asked, Jeep delivered. After much wishful thinking Jeep answered our prayers at the New York International Auto Show with two new Grand Cherokee trim levels, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and the 2017 Grand Cherokee Summit. Delivering the off-roading Grand Cherokee of your dreams, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is a new breed of luxurious capability.
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Vehicles Under $20K | John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors

Tax season is here, which means your tax refund is about to start rolling in. What better way to use that extra cash than as a down payment towards a new car? Check out our special selection of vehicles under $20K below and then give us a call at 763-689-7600 to schedule a test drive.  

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Winter Car Hacks | John Hirsch’s Cambridge Motors

Winter. It’s here, it’s brutal and it’s time we strike back. While there no way around all the snow and ice winter weather brings, we do have a few helpful hints to make your easier this winter.  Keep reading as we share some our favorite winter car hacks.
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