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How Do We Determine Your Vehicle’s Value?

There are many factors that go into establishing the value of your vehicle. Here at the Luther Automotive Group, we take more than just your vehicle’s year and mileage into consideration. Whether your car is in showroom condition or on the verge of being put out to pasture, you deserve an accurate appraisal. Our tool takes notice of multiple variables to create the most accurate assessment.


Vehicle Age & Condition

Let’s face it, your car doesn’t get younger with time but that doesn’t mean it is worthless. You can take a few extra precautions to ensure your vehicle is worth as much as possible. Maintaining a clean, shiny paint and neat manicured interior will increase curb appeal, while staying on top of regularly scheduled maintenance can prolong the life and save money upon resale.



Some view mileage as a primary indicator of condition. It’s important to understand, however, that a car with high mileage, carefully cared for could have a higher valuation compared to a lower mileage vehicle in bad condition. This is a reason why people keep a log or receipts of all their maintenance and repairs to demonstrate commitment to their vehicle’s upkeep. This is especially helpful when selling to a private party to back up your asking price.


Make and Model

Car manufacturers have different approaches to the mechanical setup and body style of the vehicles they design and build. From two-door coupes and hatchbacks to a four-door sedan there is a wide range of sought-after mechanics and style that can impact your vehicle’s value.


Accessories & Equipment Features

From luxury trims and superior sound systems to sport utility racks, extra features can add up to quite a bit of extra value compared to the standard model. Make sure to include every extra accessory for the best pricing information.


Local Market Demand

The simple premise of supply and demand can directly impact your used car’s value. This fundamental means that when your used car’s make and model are in high demand, the value is retained better. This is another reason some people like to buy “popular” models, in hopes of retaining value for when they’re ready to sell.

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